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4 Reasons Wood Siding Is Losing Popularity

When looking for siding materials, you might be delighted to hear from your siding contractor that there isn’t a shortage of materials…
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When looking for siding materials, you might be delighted to hear from your siding contractor that there isn’t a shortage of materials on the market. After all, there is vinyl siding, aluminum, fiber cement and even brick. Regardless of which of these you choose, you’re bound to get quality protection for your home. However, there is one siding material that you’ll notice is becoming less common: wood siding.

In this article, ARCH Exteriors, LLC lists the four common reasons wood siding is steadily falling out of favor, beginning with:

  1. Flammability – Wood siding is made of organic material and unfortunately, most organic materials can easily catch fire. This means when installing wood siding in your home, you won’t be able to protect it against fire. With that in mind, homeowners are shifting from wood siding to fiber cement and others in an effort to make their homes more fire-resistant than they were before.
  2. Cost – As deforestation continues and regulations restrict the market, the cost of wood siding is on the rise. This makes wood siding a costly material to obtain and install in your home. Apart from that, it also takes more effort to make wood siding and can also be costly to maintain, leading to its steady decline.
  3. Durability – It’s true that wood siding is durable. However, its durability pales in comparison to modern siding materials. In fact, wood siding can last at least two decades or more as it’s regularly maintained. Most siding materials nowadays, on the other hand, can last longer than 20 years with little to no maintenance required, causing homeowners to prefer them over wood siding. To remove your old wood siding and install a new one, simply turn to home siding replacement company ARCH Exteriors, LLC.
  4. Weaknesses – Another contributing factor to the steady decline of wood siding’s popularity is its various weaknesses. According to experts, wood siding is susceptible to expansions and contractions, causing it to warp and crack over time. The sun’s rays can also easily cause the wood to deteriorate, leaving it open to moisture infiltration. And since wood is an organic material, your siding is also vulnerable to pests such as termites and carpenter ants, causing major damage to the material.

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